Lessons Learned at the 2015 YouToo Social Media Conference

by Breyanna Tripp

Let me just start off and say that Gini Dietrich, keynote speaker, was amazing. She opened up her presentation talking about Hannah Montana – I mean, Miley Cyrus – and I was instantly drawn in. Dietrich offered advice on how to get your clients to understand the process of public relations and that it takes time. Her presentation was centered on the idea of how “spin sucks,” which is based off her blog and book. The points she made about creating a campaign excited me because my PR classes have hammered the idea of strategic thinking in my head.

I also enjoyed Mark W. Smith’s presentation. Even though his presentation was about how The Washington Post uses its social media, I was still able to apply some of his ideas to my personal social media accounts. I loved his point about how you should deliver on promises instead of trying to trick people. People want to be able to see something of themselves in whatever you are delivering. I also attended his student-only session, and he was so humble. He thoroughly answered all of our questions, and it was great to be able to pick his brain.

I cannot wait to apply their advice to my future career as a PR professional. YouToo was so uplifting and inspiring.

POSTED: Monday, April 27, 2015 - 5:00pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 1:10pm