VCD Student Selected to Participate In International Conference

Jason Murdock, a second-year Master of Fine Arts candidate in the School of Visual Communication Design, will present his research at the Face Forward conference in Dublin, Ireland next month. This year’s conference, supported by Irish Design 2015 and the Dublin Institute of Technology, is the organization’s first annual international conference.

Murdock learned of the event from VCD Assistant Professor Aiofe Mooney, who is an alumna of the Dublin Institute of Technology, where the conference will be held.

“Studying under the direction of assistant professor Mooney in the spring and summer has been invaluable—both because of her experience and knowledge as a typeface designer and her ability to connect me to resources and people in the field who can help with my research,” Murdock said.

The conference, which is a peer-reviewed international conference focused on typography, will take place on Dec. 11-12. Murdock’s paper is titled “Generative Graphic Design: Exploring a Generative, Computation-based Approach to Visual Identity Design.”

“The topic of my presentation deals with different approaches to the design of visual identity,” Murdock said. “Components of a visual identity system include the logo, typefaces, color palette, graphic elements and imagery used by an entity to identify itself in the marketplace, and I will be discussing the differences between traditional and emerging approaches to the creation of these components. Because the conference focuses on typography, I will place special emphasis on the typographic components of visual identity systems.”

The presentation is related to Murdock’s thesis topic, which he has been working on with his thesis advisor VCD Assistant Professor Jessica Barness. Murdock said he has never been out of the country and is looking forward to this new experience of both the conference and international travel.
By Anna Hoffman

POSTED: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 11:11am
UPDATED: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 6:51am