Visual Communication Design Student Interns at Facebook

Designer Credits School for Preparation and for Opening Doors for His Other Internships in Chicago, New York City

Gaining relevant experience in students’ fields of study before graduation makes them more marketable to employers and gives them a leg up on the competition. While most students complete one or two internships in college, others go above and beyond.

Senior visual communication design (VCD) major Will Scharlott has completed three prestigious internships in his time at Kent State.

Scharlott says the VCD program and its flexible curriculum have allowed him to focus on what he is passionate about. He chose to concentrate on branding and strategy and has been able to schedule classes that reflect what he wants to do. 

Most recently, Scharlott completed an internship at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. He served as the content strategy intern, where he played a role in further developing Facebook Messenger.

He plans to return to California after graduation and work at Facebook full-time.

Scharlott’s first internship experience was in the summer of 2015 in Chicago, Ill. Scharlott, who had just completed his sophomore year, worked at Landor Associates, a brand consulting firm. It was an internship of many “firsts” for him. He had not yet learned to use Adobe Illustrator in his courses, which most VCD majors eventually become proficient in.

“I ended up having to teach myself to use Illustrator at night using online tutorials, using those skills the next day like I had known then all along,” Scharlott said.

This semester, Scharlott is in New York City, completing another internship at graphic design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv (CGH). CGH’s work is well known in the world of graphic design. It is responsible for the design of logos for National Geographic, NBC, Armani Exchange and The Smithsonian, to name a few.

Scharlott says he remembers studying the work of founding partners, Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar, in his VCD introductory courses.

“CGH is a small studio with an incredible reputation. Working with them and their small team has been a surreal experience,” Scharlott said.

Through it all, Scharlott credits Kent State’s VCD program for helping him grasp these opportunities and for getting him this far.

“The VCD program is the reason I’m able to pursue the jobs I want,” Scharlott said. “I’ve had to work to open certain doors, but the VCD program is the reason those doors existed in the first place.”

POSTED: Friday, January 20, 2017 - 11:57am
UPDATED: Friday, January 20, 2017 - 11:58am
Maggie Wachtel