Ph.D. Courses | Kent State University

For those of you still finalizing your Spring 2017 schedules, please consider the following CCI options:

Communication Studies

COMM 75020: Quantitative Research Methods in Communication (Jeff Child)

COMM 75652: Theories of Communication (Nichole Egbert)

COMM 75665: Personal and Mediated Communication (Michael Beam)

COMM 85766: Communication in a Global Society (Yesim Kaptan)

COMM 86506: Health Communication and New Media (Jihyun Kim)


Communication and Information

CCI 70095 (tentative course number): Graduate Study in London (Danielle Sarver Coombs)

                **The class meets all semester; travel will be during Spring Break


Information and Knowledge Architecture

IAKM 80002: Knowledge Organization Structures, Systems and Services (Marcia Lei Zeng)


Journalism and Mass Communication

JMC 80001: Theory of Mass Communication (Cheryl Ann Lambert)


Library and Information Science

LIS 80608: The Public Library (Belinda Boon)

LIS 80614: Selection and Acquisition of Library Materials (Belinda Boon)

LIS 80641: Information Storage and Retrieval Systems (Catherine L. Smith)

LIS 80650: Information Policy (Emad Khazraee)