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Collaborative Innovation Coming to Taylor Hall

Communication is constantly changing the way we work, think and do business. As the distinctions between communication and visual design specialties continue to blur, there is a growing need for skilled communicators who are prepared for today’s challenges and ready to adapt to tomorrow’s innovations.

Unifying the School of Communication Studies and the School of Visual Communication Design in Taylor Hall presents the opportunity to better assimilate the many and different aspects of communication and design theory, research, use and practice. This is because each focuses on elements and means of creating, managing, using and evaluating messages and on information components and processes that are central to communication interaction.

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Bringing Two CCI Schools Under One Roof

The move of the School of Visual Communication Design (VCD) to join Communication Studies in Taylor Hall will also permit the two schools to realize some economies of scale. For example:

  • Both VCD and COMM rely heavily on communication technology and instructional resources and their needs across the schools are similar.
  • The two schools anticipate the renovated facilities will include joint research, exhibit, distance learning technology space, joint conference space for teleconferencing and a large lecture hall neither school currently has.
  • This move would also create technology and photography resource spaces in Taylor Hall from which faculty and students can sign out equipment for classroom, research, marketing and other activities where communication technology is needed. 
  • Both schools offer a significant amount of their undergraduate curricula online, and anticipate more online course development. Rooms with technology dedicated for ongoing distance education course development by both schools will be included in this plan. Thus, the new alignment would permit the schools to combine resources and create a distance learning classrooms for the designing, taping and streaming of online content.