Upward Bound in CCI

The Upward Bound Programs are committed to providing equality, preparation and access for populations seeking entrance to post-secondary education. Upward Bound Programs include three programs that seek to increase educational opportunities and diminish barriers for first-generation, low-income students and families through comprehensive services in targeted school districts. TRIO programs help students overcome, class, social, academic, and cultural barriers to higher education.

The College of Communication and Information (CCI) works collaboratively with Upward Bound Programs to provide mentoring and teaching experiences for the students in the program.

Read below from students who had a class within CCI and about CCI Upward Bound mentors' experiences.

What Upward Bound Students Say:

“[The most valuable thing I learned this summer was] my purpose because we have this thing called “personal development.” That we have Mondays and Wednesdays and through that we have a group of girls that talk about self-love with us and also things that we would want to do in the future. So they were helping us find our purpose in life and what we love.” –Gina Brown, Upward Bound 2017

“It’s a good program to be in. It helps you become ready for college, actually. This makes me want to go to college now, I wasn’t thinking about it before. But now I really want to go to college." –Ajalea Allen, Upward Bound 2017

“Try to surround yourself with different people than you normally hangout with." –Jada Lewis, Upward Bound 2017

What Upward Bound Mentors Say:

“It was great to learn what a high school student might look for in a creative atmosphere. We had Denae work with our staff in different areas of our business (design, account management, and videography) in order to learn the different aspects of what we do, as well as what is involved in the different areas of academic study. This was a win-win. It was good for Denae to learn things like social media analytics, but it was also good for our designers and account managers as well. Mentoring always helps to strengthen lessons one already knows.” –Kristin Dowling, Director of Ideabase

“[The students’ involvement in CCI impacted their future because] the students have an opportunity to not only see a new possibility for a career but they have the chance to work closely with professionals to open up and show their abilities.” –Mark Warzinski, Director of Teleproductions 

“I think Upward Bound is an awesome program and it’s a really great way for high school students to get connected to the colleges. They can take College Credit Plus courses while they’re doing Upward Bound so they are already connected to Kent State classes. There are a lot of really good opportunities to take advantage of while participating in the program. [When students get connected] with something like Upward Bound, they realize how doable it is to go to college. “ –Amanda Leu, CCI Academic Diversity Outreach Coordinator