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Our world runs on communication. It persuades, informs and shapes conversations. In the College of Communication and Information, our students are especially passionate about using communication to advocate for change.

No matter what you are passionate about — the environment, homelessness, education, the First Amendment or ending drug epidemics — in Kent State’s College of Communication and Information, you’ll find ways to apply skills you learn in the classroom to advocate for change in the world.

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Here’s how one student discovered a passion for the environment through a CCI class:

Natalie Hillyer, ’20, worked with her classmates in “Communication in a Global Society” to advocate for environmentally friendly lifestyles. Students developed communication campaigns — combining social media, events, marketing and more — to promote the idea of using fewer fossil fuels through fashion choices.

Natalie helped create an interactive, education event for Kent State students, where they could swap clothing and up-cycle their clothes, in an effort to reduce clothing waste. They interacted with organizations to gather clothing donations, created marketing materials and spread the message of the event via marketing materials, social media influencers and media.

Natalie hopes to continue to use communication to advocate for a cleaner environment. She says: “I see our role as communicators as vital in social movements. Without the spread of messages, a movement cannot begin.”