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Visit Days: Nov. 13, 18, 20

Emma Kanning, '20, has always loved NASA. She spent her childhood watching space station launches and dreamed of meeting an astronaut.

Last year, she had the experience of a lifetime and interned at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. A digital sciences major within Kent State's College of Communication and Information — which houses programs in media, communication, technology, design and information— Emma applied the skills she had been learning in the classroom to her work in NASA's wireless and communications branch. 

Learn about how Kent State can prepare you for experiences that will lead you to discover your own purpose at one of our upcoming visit days. You’ll attend an info session to get an overview of what we offer in the College of Communication and Information (CCI), and then, you can shadow a class based on your interests.

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When you visit, you’ll learn about how almost all CCI students (studying topics that span technology, media, communication, design and information) complete high-impact internships like Emma’s at NASA, at organizations like professional sports franchises, the Weather Channel, Honda, and more.

“Kent State and specifically my major, digital sciences, prepared me for this internship by allowing me to really discover what I’m going to be doing (in the world) through all my classes and setting me up for success early on.”