CCI Students Elected to Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government elected two students from the College of Communication and Information to serve on the 2015-2016 board. Keri Richmond and Reginald Jones will serve as a director and a senator for USG.

Richmond, a sophomore public relations major, was elected as Director of Student Advancement. Her goal is to create an alumni-student mentoring program. She hopes this program will make it possible for students to interact with professionals before entering the professional world.

Richmond said the most prominent issue facing students at Kent State is retention. She believes the answer to the problem is student involvement. She said part of her focus is helping freshmen find something they are passionate about, whether it’s an organization or a cause, to help find connections within the university community.

She told Kent Stater reporters that her definition of leadership is not about titles or power.

“It’s about people – not what you have to say,” Richmond said. “That’s my leadership style.

Reginald Jones, a junior communication studies major, is the newly appointed senator for CCI.

His goal is to increase awareness within each of the schools in CCI about the opportunities and experiences their fellow CCI schools offer. He also wants to raise awareness about the new student ambassador program inside CCI.

His previous leadership experience taught him that it is important to meet with regular students as well as student leaders to gain input before making big decisions.

Jones told the Kent Stater that he thinks the most prominent issue facing students is that they don’t feel like a part of Kent State. He thinks students need to be encouraged to become more involved.

“That’s why as a member of USG, I will push certain programs and organizations to encourage students to get more involved on campus,” Jones said.

POSTED: Monday, April 6, 2015 - 1:00am
UPDATED: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 3:13pm