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Faculty and Staff

David W. Odell-Scott, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Director of CCIP and Religion Studies Program

Professor of Philosophy

 | dodellsc@kent.edu

Jewish Studies Program Faculty

Chaya Kessler
Director of Jewish Studies
330-672-8926 | ckessle7@kent.edu

Instructors of Jewish Studies
Steve Danker
Sol Factor

Paralegal Studies Program Faculty

Amanda Paar Conroy
Director of Paralegal Studies
330-672-4148 | apaar@kent.edu
Paralegal Studies website
Mary S. Peterson

Religion Studies Program Faculty

David W. Odell-Scott
Director of Religion Studies

 | dodellsc@kent.edu

Instructors of Religion Studies
Macon Boczek 
Steve Danker
Robert Gala
Bradley Jagger
Lauren Odell-Scott
Megan Odell-Scott
Nate Radcliff
Timothy Temerson (Stark)
Larry Terkel

Affiliated Professors of Religion Studies
Jennifer Larson, Classics
Radd Ehrman, Classics
Chaya Kessler, Jewish Studies
Jung-Yeup Kim, Philosophy
Said Shiyab, Modern and Classical Languages

Neurocognitive Research Program for the Advancement of the Humanities (NRPAH)

Mark Bracher
Director of NRPAH

 | mbracher@kent.edu

The Ohio Pluralism Project at Kent State University

David Odell-Scott
Lauren Odell-Scott
P.O. Box 5190

850 University Esplanade, 
Kent, Ohio 44242