Kent State University’s LGBTQ Studies Program is the oldest Sexuality Studies program in Ohio. Founded in 2001, this academic program has recently expanded to include new courses and has hired its first full-time professor.
Our university has a strong legacy of diversity as well as a commitment to LGBTQ students and social justice. The student group Kent Gay Liberation Front (the original name of Pride! Kent) held its first meeting in 1971, in the home of English professor Dolores Noll. Noll was the first professor at Kent to come out of the closet, and offered one of the earliest LGBTQ Studies classes in history that same year. She continued to teach Lesbian and Gay courses until she retired in 1981.
No LGBTQ classes were taught until 1994, when “The Sociology of Gays and Lesbians,” was developed by Dr. Robert Johnson of Sociology. Johnson joined Political Science/Women’s Studies professor Dr. Trudy Steuernagel and Dr. Molly Merryman, then the director of the Women’s Resource Center, in creating Ohio’s first LGBTQ Studies program in 2001.
In 2016, Kent State hired its first full-time professor in LGBTQ Studies, Lauren Vachon, MFA, who had been teaching LGBTQ Studies as a part-time faculty member. Kent State also established the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, which houses LGBTQ Studies and Women’s Studies. 


The core LGBTQ Studies are offered online to ensure that students can take classes and complete the minor from all Kent campuses, while studying or living abroad, regardless of their work schedules.
LGBTQ Studies faculty have partnered with the Office of Online and Distance Learning to create classes that follow the Quality Matters markers of excellence and provide best practices of online education and engagement.


LGBT 20020
   Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
   Instructor: Lauren Vachon
LGBT 40202
   Queer Theory
   Instructor: Lauren Vachon
LGBT 40201
   Introduction to Transgender Studies
   Instructor: Austin Johnson
LGBT 41198
   LGBTQ Research Methods
   Instructor: Lauren Vachon
   TR 11:00-12:15
LGBT 30095
   Special Topics in LGBTQ Studies-“LGBTQ Representations in Popular Culture”
   Instructor: Lauren Vachon
   TR 12:30-1:45