Women's Studies

Our program has been lucky.

We've had simply wonderful students sign up, join in, take part and help to transform Women's Studies at Kent.  Their names may or may not mean much to you, but their stories - past and present - likely will. They've declared; they've dived in; and they have, in many cases, ventured on beyond these parts: our minors, our WMST grads.

Whether in their minor-courses, their other courses or at large, they're causing good stirs and they are doing us proud.

Who THEY are. Who WE are. We invite you to take a look; see what they've been doing.

And they have much to say about the program.  Listen in!

Hear from Women's Studies Students

Gathering all the data we could find (and if you have more, we'd be grateful if you'd send it along!), here's the abridged roll call:

  • Jodi Baker
    Heidi Bauer
    Jazmine Beidleman
    Anastasia Berg
    Mary Bland
    Jessica Brookhouser
    Colleen Burch
    Victoria Bussberg
    Tulsa Cagle
    Jennifer Cogan
    Katie Cooney
    Kara Dailey
    Alyssa D'Amico
    Dawn deFoor-Jackson
    Shanna Delaney
    Jordan Dennis
    Sarah Ferrato
    Katherine Fisher
    Christina Freund
    Cristyle Frye
    Nichole Frye
  • Amanda Fulmer
    Jenilee Grabenhorst
    Katlyn Grieve
    Jessie Haas
    Sarah Jacob
    Holly Kossover
    Lauren Kotmel
    Emily Lang
    Kathryn Long
    Emily Malmisur
    Jackie Mantey
    Carolyn Marks
    Aubrey Marovich
    Kate McCausland
    Abby McGinty
    Daniel McLaughlin
    Alexis Misko
    Brittany Moseley
    Amanda Paniagu
    Stephanie Parish
    Cheryl Peterman
  • Michaelanne Petrella
    Andrew Rihn
    Jennifer Ring
    Taylor Rogers
    Laura Rosche
    Bridget Rubenking
    Sarah Jean Russell
    Stephanie St. Jacques
    Patrick St. Pierre
    Renee Stalker
    Tamara Stewart
    Katie Troha
    Alexandra Tveita
    Elizabeth Vild
    Kelly Wagner
    Meggan Walls
    Kristen Ward
    Simone West
    Carrie Wicks
    Leslie Wilhelm
    Amanda Yukech

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