Enhancing education and research in our natural areas | Center for Ecology & Natural Resource Sustainability | Kent State University

Enhancing education and research in our natural areas

One of the main goals of CENRS is to help coordinate education and research activities on Kent State property.  In Summer 2012, we began an inventory and description of natural areas owned by Kent State, which includes valuable wetlands and mature forests.  The inventory will be made available through reports and a GIS database, and is the starting point for more organized activities in these areas.

Morgan Soil MapIn Fall 2012, the project will be expanded with a grant from the Dominion Foundation Higher Education Partnership.  We will be establishing a geospatial database to store environmental data collected on properties owned by Kent State and elsewhere.  The database will provide access to data from within GIS software and through a spatial interface on the internet. As students and researchers deposit data into the database over time, it will develop into a rich bank of information that can be used for temporal studies, in spatial visualization, and to link different types of data.