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Student Opportunities

Student Organization CRICK

CRICK (that is, Cuyahoga Watershed Research, Information, and Conservation at Kent) brings together students interested in conservation and environmental science from multiple departments. The goal is to provide hands on experiences in water quality investigation, highlight the history and importance of the Cuyahoga River, and engage in community activities that improve watershed health.

Already, CRICK has started Sierra Club Water Sentinels training, engaged in restoration and monitoring programs with OhioEPA and Cleveland Metroparks, and presented to 8th graders at Hawken School.

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NSF-Funded Undergraduate Research Summer Program

The grant to Kent State and Holden Arboretum creates a summer research program for undergraduates. Students in the program are provided a stipend and allowance for living expenses.

Students will conduct research with faculty mentors from Kent State or Holden Arboretum on terrestrial-aquatic linkages in urban-impacted ecosystems. A wide variety of potential topics may be studied; examples include effects of acid rain or land use change, nutrient cycling, plant-soil interactions, and stream invertebrates. The program was designed to take advantage of the Kent-Holden partnership, and unique resources provided by each institution.

Students will get field and lab experience at both Kent State and Holden, participate in weekly seminars, and learn about hypothesis generation, project design, ethics in research, and data archiving in a geospatial database.

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Degree Programs at Kent State

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