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Challah for Hunger

The mission of CfH @ Kent State University is to foster a community environment in which all Kent State students, regardless of religion, can come together to fight hunger, which is widespread throughout our world. CfH @ Kent State University seeks to accomplish this goal by making and selling Challah bread on and off campus and using the proceeds to donate money to a global hunger organization and a local hunger organization in Campus Kitchen. We strive to hold bake sessions at least once a semester, as well as general body meetings and group trips to soup kitchens/donation sites for the money we raise. It is our mission to contribute a percentage of our proceeds to ending hunger in Campus Kitchen as well as the entire world, and we hope that our deed can raise awareness about this issue in a way that Kent State University students see fun and achievable.


We will be meeting monthly to set up future bakes and events for the community.

Membership Requirements

Must be a full time student at Kent State or any of its branches and have a minimum of a 2.5 overall GPA.



Challah for Hunger


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