Chefology | 1558486710 | Kent State University


Chefology is a club dedicated to the students who have a passion for food. We are gaining a deeper knowledge about food and a greater appreciation for it. We will develop recipes, have dining experiences, and volunteer at local soup kitchens. This club is designed for students who want to learn, develop themselves, and help others.


Fall 2018 Meetings will be on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm. They will be biweekly, and other events (volunteering, recipe development, ect.) will be at various times.

Membership Requirements

Members must be a Kent State University Student have a GPA minimum of a 2.5. Members must have a passion for food.

Social Media

Instagram: @chefologykentstate
Snapchat: chefologykentstate
Facebook: Le Chef Chefology



Campus Location