Adjunct Faculty Appointments

These appointments are held primarily by faculty from other institutions or persons on the staffs of community-based agencies and organizations.  Adjunct Faculty appointments are made at the discretion of the Chair in consultation with the FAC.  Adjunct Faculty members do not vote on Department Committees and do not participate in Department governance.  Specific privileges of adjunct Faculty members are negotiable with the Department Chair and are detailed in a letter of appointment.

Dual credit instructors who are approved by the Department to teach Kent State Chemistry courses in the high-school setting shall meet the same standards as any adjunct faculty member.  In keeping with state requirements, it is expected that high school teachers teaching Dual Enrollment courses in chemistry will hold at least a Master’s degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry (an MAT or other Master’s degree in teaching is not acceptable).  Master’s degrees in other related fields must be approved by the Chair.  Dual Enrollment instructors shall work in close cooperation with a Faculty member from the host campus; see section II.A.3 for the earned workload equivalence.