Basic Standards for Faculty Pedagogy

It is the responsibility of faculty members to remain current in the material covered in their own courses and to be knowledgeable about important developments in the broad area of chemistry.  Faculty should also be aware of changes in cognate courses within the department or in other units as they relate to the courses being taught.  The administration shares this responsibility, first in providing encouragement and opportunities for professional development, and second, in responsibly managing class assignments appropriate to the knowledge and background of the individual faculty member.

Classroom Management:  While the intellectual and judgmental skills essential for acceptable teaching are more open to interpretation than class management techniques, the following classroom management techniques are expected from all Faculty:

Content, assignments, and lectures are reasonable considering the level, aims, and nature of the course.

Effective use of class time, and punctuality in starting/ending classes.

Adequate class and course preparation.

Adequate notification of assignments, examinations, changes in syllabus.

Testing and grading practices that relate directly to course content and assignments.

Provision of reasonable make-up procedures for legitimately missed exams or other graded work.

Evaluation of work with adequate and constructive comments written on the students’ papers or orally to the whole class as is appropriate to the character of the test or assignment.

Evaluation of work within a reasonable time frame that allows the student to benefit from the instructor’s comments prior to the next assignment.

Reasonable notification of, and provision for, faculty absence.