Divisional Committees (Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, Physical)

The Divisional Committees have initial responsibility for recommending suitable faculty to teach upper division and graduate courses in their respective specialties as well as to prepare and administer graduate candidacy exams.  The Divisional Committees are expected to be the source of all curriculum proposals.  The membership of each Divisional Committee is determined by personal choice of each tenured and tenure-track Kent Campus Faculty member upon joining the Department.  Subsequent requests to change division membership must be approved by the Department Chair.  Each tenured and tenure-track Kent Campus Faculty member shall be a voting member of one and only one Divisional Committee, except as noted below; regional campus Faculty are not members of Divisional Committees.  The Department Chair (without vote), Assistant Chair (with vote), and Coordinator of Graduate Studies (with vote) may serve as members of divisions, but may not serve as Divisional Committee Chair.  Each Divisional Committee shall have a minimum membership of three Faculty.  If membership in any committee falls short of the minimum, the Department Chair, in consultation with the FAC, shall appoint to that committee a Faculty member who is already a member of another Divisional Committee.  This person will be a voting member of both Division Committees.  The Chair of each divisional committee shall be elected annually by the members of the Divisional Committee.