Laboratory Courses

In laboratory courses in which the faculty member has full responsibility for instruction (i.e. no graduate teaching assistant is involved), the faculty member will receive one semester credit hour of load per contact hour for each laboratory section of the course.  Thus a faculty member teaching a one credit hour laboratory section involving three contact hours per week for a full semester will receive three semester credit hours of load.  An additional credit hour per course (not per section) will be earned for laboratory preparation performed solely by the faculty member when there is no graduate teaching assistant or other technical assistance available.

In laboratory course sections in which the faculty member has the assistance of a graduate teaching assistant, one load hour will be awarded for each credit hour of laboratory.  At the discretion of the Chair, the faculty member may be assigned to be in attendance throughout the entire laboratory period, in which case, one additional semester credit hour of load will be awarded per laboratory timeslot. When two or more sections of the same laboratory course meet at the same time, the load credit is the credit hours for one section.