Safety and Chemical Hygiene

Laboratory safety and chemical hygiene policies are mandated by state and federal statutes.  The Faculty Safety Advisor and the Chemical Hygiene Officer (positions described in the Departmental Operating Procedures document) shall assist Faculty members in the Department in order to maintain safe and hygienic laboratories.  The Faculty Safety Advisor shall conduct an annual inspection of all research laboratories for safety and hygiene.  Inspections should seek to identify unsafe working conditions such as those resulting from improper sample and waste storage, electrical problems, housekeeping, and the like.  Faculty members are obligated to cooperate with these inspections and to cooperate with the correction of any deficiencies.  The Department shall conduct annual safety and hygiene training sessions.  All members of the Department, including faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, and students, share responsibility for properly storing labeled samples and properly discarding all chemical, biological, radiological, and other hazardous waste.  All laboratory personnel (postdoctoral associates, graduate assistants, undergraduate researchers, visitors) must safely discard all chemical waste and properly store labeled samples and other chemicals prior to separation from the Department.  Faculty members must certify that all chemical waste, samples, and other chemicals and hazardous materials have been discarded, restocked, or stored as an asset for future use prior to the conclusion of an appointment in the Department.