After Completing the ALEKS Chemistry Assessment

What happens after I have completed the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Assessment?

Once a student has completed the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Assessment they will be presented with one of two possibilities:

  1. If they successfully complete the assessment (obtaining 100% mastery) on the first attempt they will see, "Congratulations, you have mastered all of the topics in the General Chemistry I (CHEM 10060) placement test." At this point there is nothing more that they need to do and they are now ready for General Chemistry I.
  2. If, after taking the placement test, they are told that they still have topics to learn/refresh, a pie chart showing these topics will be visible and they can click on topics in the pie to learn these topics. They will need to complete all topics in order to obtain the 100% mastery required to complete the ALEKS Chemistry placement and to subsequently remain registered in General Chemistry I. Students will use the learning modules available on-line through ALEKS Chemistry over the Spring to improve their mastery as needed. Students will be periodically reassessed (each time 20 topics are learned) throughout the Spring (for Summer registration) until they obtain 100% mastery of the 90 core topics. Only students who attain 100% mastery after the initial placement assessment or who reach 100% mastery through the use of the learning modules by 11:59 pm Monday, June 7th (for Summer registration) will be permitted to remain registered for General Chemistry I.

Forgetting Topics as Students Proceed Through ALEKS Chemistry Remediation and Reassessment Process. The ALEKS system will periodically re-assess students' mastery of topics that they have previously mastered. If a student can no longer demonstrate mastery of a topic, the system will ask them to remediate in that area to regain mastery. The piece of pie associated with this topic will disappear from the student's mastery pie until mastery has been re-established.