Analytical Instrumentation Facility

The Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF) located in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry performs pilot or short-term industrial research projects using a wide range of state-of-the-art analytical instruments.

Over the past ten years the AIF has provided a cost-effective means for solving analytical problems faced by the local industrial community.  Projects involving separations and surface chemistry, materials science, and coatings are major emphases, but the AIF can also serve a variety of other areas with its broad range of instrumentation.

Major methods of analysis use high resolution NMR spectroscopy for solids and liquid systems, mass spectroscopy using GC or electrospray HPLC, various thermal analyses as well as conventional infrared spectroscopy, chromatographic separations and elemental analysis (C, H, N, S).  Titration calorimetry and more sophisticated (surface) infrared analyses are also available.

Major Instrumentation

NMR Spectroscopy:

  • Varian Inova 500
  • Bruker DMX 400 with solid state capabilities
  • Bruker AMX 300

Mass Spectroscopy:

  • Bruker Esquire ESI/MS/HPLC
  • Thermo/Finnigan GC/MS (EI/CI)

Thermal Analysis:


Services Provided

Pilot or short-term industrial projects performed (or directly supervised) by a Ph.D. analytical chemist.


Minimum rate is $50/hour; minimum project duration is four hours.