Chemistry in Our World

Chemistry in Our World, CHEM 10030, satisfies the Basic Science requirements of the Kent Core. The Kent Core is the foundation of the University's mission to prepare students for productive careers in today's complex, global society. The Chemistry in Our World laboratory course, CHEM 10031, also satisfies Ohio Transfer Guidelines.

Chemistry in Our World TextbookChemistry in Our World does not require any high-school prerequisites in science or math, and it is not as math-intensive as General Chemistry (CHEM 10060) or Fundamentals of Chemistry (10050). The course introduces students to environmental chemistry, polymers and plastics, alternative fuels, and nutrition. Experiments in the laboratory include "Solids in Cigarette Smoke," "Polymer Synthesis and Properties," and "How Much Fat is in Potato Chips and Hot Dogs?" Students will be challenged to think critically about some controversial current issues.

We obtained a significant savings on the textbooks for our students by selecting a custom published version of Chemistry in Context for the 2012-2013 academic year.

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There are three sections of Chemistry in Our World. Section 001 meets during the day three times a week, and section 002 meets during the early evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Section 003 is a web-based course. Lectures for sections 001 and 002 are held in Williams Hall, adjacent to Risman Plaza, the Student Center, and commuter and visitor parking.

Chemistry in Our World