Before Completing the ALEKS Chemistry Assessment

  • ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is an online artificial intelligence-based assessment tool that is used for the placement assessment for General Chemistry I (CHEM 10060). This tool identifies critical prerequisite knowledge including foundational scientific concepts and chemistry-related mathematical skills. Success in General Chemistry I is highly dependent upon students entering the course with the required skills.
  • Students will take the initial placement assessment online, at a time and place convenient for them.
  • Students are required to take the ALEKS chemistry placement assessment without any assistance whatsoever. If students complete the assessment using assistance, they will not have the required skills to be successful in General Chemistry I. Students who are not well prepared for General Chemistry I typically fail the course and will be required to pay tuition fees to retake it.
  • ALEKS will have students answer a series of questions that should take between 50 min. and 90 min. to complete. Before beginning the actual assessment, students will be directed to complete a short online tutorial so that they know how to enter answers in ALEKS. At any point during the assessment you can log out of the system and all of your answers will be stored. You can then log in at a later point in time and continue the assessment where you had previously stopped. The ALEKS assessment will be available from Tuesday, April 27th at 12:01 am until Monday, June 7th at 11:59 pm for Summer 2021 registration. After this date you will be unable to take the ALEKS assessment and associated remediation. Please complete the assessment as soon as possible after the first date for which you are able to enroll for ALEKS so that you have plenty of time to remediate in ALEKS (if necessary).
  • Students will require a paper and pencil/pen to complete the placement assessment. Personal calculators should not be used and a calculator will be provided by ALEKS when needed.
  • Students must take the preliminary ALEKS Chemistry assessment seriously and do their best work. If they do not do so, the system will assume they know very little and the process of remediation will take far longer than it would otherwise. There is absolutely no possibility to retake the ALEKS chemistry assessment a second time.