Dr. Elda Hegmann: "The Use of Liquid Crystals for Biological Applications"

The focus of our research group is the use of liquid crystals for biological applications.

The main areas are:
a) liquid crystals that are able to mimic biological materials and,
b) biosensors for optical imaging and diagnostics.

Our group has successfully synthesized smectic-A liquid crystal elastomers that promote superior, stimuli-responsive surface properties for cell attachment. These scaffold materials also offer enhanced cell attachment and viability (i.e. expansion and proliferation) of cells while increasing their biomechanical functionality. The materials created in our lab will include materials with predictable and controllable/tunable properties for the use of drug delivery systems and therapeutic purposes.  Another research area will be the imaging of biological cells and their behavior on modified substrates and scaffolds.

Students in our research group will study the effects of liquid crystals on polymers due to their response to external stimuli and how does that affect the growth (and in some cases, differentiation) of cells.  Or group is very multidisciplinary. Students from Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Engineering and other related disciplines are welcome.

Selected Publications

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