Fall 2018 Colloquium | Chemistry & Biochemistry | Kent State University

Fall 2018 Colloquium

Fall 2018 Colloquium Schedule
Thursdays in 111 WMH at 4 p.m.
(unless otherwise noted)

Date Presenter
October 18 Dr. G. Rajapakse, University of Peradeniya, "Conversion of Local Minerals to Value-Added Nanomaterials for Clean Energy Generation and in Health and Biomedical Applications"
October 25 Dr. S. Schmidt, W.R. Grace, "Review of Raney® Hydrogenation Catalyst Technology"
November 1 Dr. J. Chen, Ohio University, "A Few Examples of Visible Spectroscopy and Microscopy in Biophysics Studies"
November 15 Dr. M. Smith, Process Chemist, BMS
December 6 Dr. C. Forsyth, Ohio State University, "Synthesis, Structure, and Detection of Harmful Algal Toxins"