Fall 2019 Colloquium

Fall 2019 Colloquium Schedule
Thursdays in 111 WMH at 4 p.m.
(unless otherwise noted)

Date Presenter
August 29 Sharon Purvis, KSU, "Chemistry Careers in the Food Industry"
September 5 Dr. Fanny Liao, FEG, "Bioplastics - from waste to chemicals and plastics"
September 12 Dr. Thorsten Schmidt, KSU, "Nanomaterials and bioengineering tools made from DNA"
October 17 Dr. Victor Ryzhov, NIU, "Structure and Reactivity of Peptide Radical Ions"
October 24 Dr. Jayaraman Sivaguru, BGSU, "Enforcing Molecular Behavior to Uncover New Excited State Reactivity"
November 7 Dr. Stanislav Groysman, Wayne State University, "Two are better than one: Design of bimetallics for cooperative catalysis and small molecule activation"
November 14 Dr. Ujjayini Ghosh, MSU/NIH, "Structure of  Aβ filaments from Alzheimer's disease brain"
November 21 Dr. Sharon Rozovsky, University of Delaware, "Selenoproteins role at ensuring protein quality - snap decisions at the membrane"
December 5 Dr. Sarah Keane, University of Michigan, "NMR spectroscopy of large RNAs"