Glassblowing & Electronics Shop

Larry MaurerLocated in the basement of Williams Hall, the glassblowing and electronics shop offers many services to the chemistry department.

One service, scientific glassblowing, involves repair and design of research glassware (ranging in complexity from basic flasks to vacuum manifolds to vacuum jacketed and silvered distillation heads).  The other part tied to glassblowing involves troubleshooting and repairing vacuum systems and vacuum pumps.

As for electronics, Larry does basic troubleshooting and repair on most of the low and middle level equipment, from hot plates and ovens to rotovaps to IRs and GCs.  He also works with Dr. Mahinda Gangoda on the high end research equipment (NMRs, Mass Spec/GCs, Mass Spec/LCs, etc.).

Larry Maurer
Research Engineer
Williams Hall 023