Apply to Occupational Therapy Assistant Technical Study

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Application Instructions

In order to be eligible for the OCAT Class of 2025, which begins Fall 2023, students must complete all program admission requirements and submit the application form and essay.  Acceptance into the program is a selective process, as outlined in the program's information packet.

if you have any questions or want more information contact Nina Sullivan at 330-382-7457

Application Status

Receipt of your application is verified by an email sent to your email address after review by the OTA department. You may also call 330-382-7457 to confirm receipt.

Application Information for Class of 2025 - coming soon

Application Information Packet  Observation Form

Essay Instructions

Along with the online application, please upload a one-page typed essay addressing the following:

  • Discuss a client/patient you observed during your observation hours/alternate assignment and describe the impact OT had on that individual.
Before you attempt the online application, please make sure you have read the Application Information Packet and have completed your essay. Please only complete the application one time.

Essays will be accepted in Microsoft Word or as a PDF file.

* Important Note: A felony conviction may affect a graduate's ability to sit for the NBCOT Certification examination or obtain state licensure.