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The Associate of Technical Study program is open to any student who needs a specially designed course of study.

This is a flexible program, though some general requirements outline the number and type of courses needed by all students who are pursuing the Associate of Technical Study degree.

You can combine courses from two or more technical areas to create an integrated program in, for example, industrial management, medical secretarial skills, foreign trade, computerized accounting systems, corrections management, or materials technology.

Many of the credits earned in the Associate of Technical Study degree can be applied toward the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies.

A minimum of 60 credit hours of coursework is needed for this degree.

Half of the credit hours will be dedicated to courses that build a foundation for specialized technical study and liberal arts courses from the university's Kent Core Requirements.

Approximately 30 hours are technical courses, which offer an education central to your career goals.

With the help of an advisor, you will develop a written plan of study and select courses to fit that plan as you prepare for the career you have chosen.

Because of the unique nature of the Associate of Technical Study degree, you must start early to create a plan with your advisor.

Advisor Contact Information

Enrollment Management & Student Services
East Liverpool Phone: 330-385-3805
Salem Phone: 330-332-0361

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