Business Administration

Program Introduction

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Business Management gives students credentials important to getting their first job as an entry-level manager or manager-trainee. Every organization of any size and type depends on and needs managers, including, as examples, the small corner store, department stores, accounting firms, healthcare centers, manufacturing firms or a business-to-business type of organization.

This Program is Right For You If

  • Assess and suggest appropriate solutions to human resource-related business problems.
  • Demonstrate understanding of human resource management function within an organization.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic principles of project management.
  • Understand leadership principles.

This Program Will Teach You To

  • Recall strategic frameworks that are used to make business decisions. 
  • Perform basic calculations using quantitative tools that are used to support business decisions. 
  • Articulate and deliberate their ideas in writing.
  • Articulate and deliberate their ideas orally.
  • Identify ethical dilemmas and stakeholders.
  • Recommend alternatives and consequences and choose a reasoned conclusion from the alternatives given. 
  • Identify global factors in making a business decision. 
  • Analyze global factors in making a business decision.