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Employment in the ever-changing field of computer technology has steadily increased.

With rapid improvements in all phases of computer technology, computer-based information processing has been integrated into virtually every facet of life. Consequently, employment opportunities in the field are expected to continue increasing as we head into the twenty-first century.

The School of Technology's associate's degree in Computer Technology provides students with a broad range of practical computer skills emphasizing microcomputer and network operating systems management, database design, programming and implementation, software system design and development, and integration of off-the-shelf software applications. There is also an emphasis on communication and interpersonal skills, with related courses in accounting, business, communication, and selected liberal arts courses.

These combined skills prepare students for immediate entry into the computer technology field in numerous areas including network administration, end-user support, general hardware maintenance, and applications development.


Advisor Contact Information

Tim McFadden
Academic Program Director
Phone: 330-337-4282

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