Danielle Hoyt

Danielle Hoyt, a first year nursing student at Kent State East Liverpool, is a hardworking mother, with a passion for nursing.

Danielle Hoyt, First Year Nursing Student Born and raised in East Liverpool, Hoyt chose this campus because of the ADN program. She was inspired at a young age to become a nurse after watching her grandfather struggle with illness.

“I knew I wanted to be a nurse when my grandfather became ill, because of the many issues he had that could have been prevented,” she shared. “I knew that I wanted to be a nurse and be a fabulous nurse. I knew I would make sure I did all I could do for my patients, because a nurse takes care of more than just the physical needs of a patient. A nurse also takes care of the patient’s spiritual and mental needs, as well.”

Hoyt did not start her college journey straight out of high school. Instead, she took time to start a family, raising her son and three step-sons. Just when she thought she could start thinking about college, she found out she was expecting her daughter.

“So, again, I put off my dream,” she said. “But, as life happened, I wanted to show my precious daughter that, no matter how old you are, you can always achieve your dreams. My dream was to be a nurse. So, here I am, with a grown family and an 11-year-old daughter, coming back to school.”

Hoyt said she chose Kent State East Liverpool because of the reputation of its nursing program. “I heard wonderful things about this program,” she said. “We have awesome professors and advisors here who really care. They make it possible for students of all backgrounds to succeed. I am very thankful I am here and on my way to fulfilling my dream.”

After graduating with an associate’s degree in nursing, Hoyt said she would enjoy working in a hospital’s surgical unit, pediatric unit or emergency department. “I love to help people, and by being a nurse I will be able to help people of all shapes and sizes in every aspect,” she said.

Hoyt would like to further her education after completing this program. She will attend the Kent State Salem campus and take courses to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing.