Fall 2013 Program of Events

Oral Presentations

1-2:15 pm, Salem Campus Library

  • Peggiann Beverly, "'The Dishes are Done Man!' The Parentification of Children."
  • Greg Cress, "The Role of Family Support in the Success of Low-income College Students."
  • Kayla Jenkins, "The Perks of Being a Woman in Medieval Iceland."
  • Elizabeth Johnson,"Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory and the Question of Free Will."
  • Joseph Pritchard, "Disability in 13th-Century Iceland."
  • Sara Saverko, "Child Development in Reading and Writing Skills ."
  • Winter Weyand, "Smart Cookie."
  • Caser Yourex, "Mentoring vs, Educational Conformity."

Poster Sessions

2:30-3:45 pm, Student Lounge

  • Bethany Begeot, "The Effects of Environment on a Child’s Education: Appalachian Region."
  • Sarah Begnaud, "Discipline."
  • Emily Brain, "The Importance of Secure Attachment Between Infant and Caregiver."
  • Alyssa Brown & Taylor Ward, "Teen Pregnancy and Child Development."
  • Cayleigh Crook, "The Effects of Father Absence."
  • Erin Curley, "The Impact of Parental Involvement in a Child's Education."
  • Alison Edie, "Bullying."
  • Anthony Evans, "Authoritative Parenting."
  • Trent Frederick, Greg Lowe, & Mike Rockhold, "3 T MRI Prostate Imaging."
  • Rachel Hall & Nicole Shetler, "How Does Play Affect the Development of Typical and Atypical Children?."
  • Amy Johnston, "The Homeschool Option."
  • Jill Koccanyar, "Corporal Punishment."
  • Denise Kuhlman, "Communication."
  • Jonni Mills, "Authoritative Parenting."
  • Susan Holstein, "What are the Pros and Cons of Children being Raised in a Religious or Non-religious Home?"
  • Leia Peison, "Breast Feeding Awareness."
  • Kelsey Sevey & Kaitlyn Van Dyne, "How do Male Coaches Differ from Female Coaches in the Development of a Child’s Physical and Emotional Development in the Early Childhood Years and Again Later in Life?"
  • Melinda Smalley & Jeremy MonroeHow does abuse negatively effect child development?
  • Amanda Smith-Heath, "Raising Girls with a Positive Body Image."
  • Jordan Stein, "Successful Step Parenting."
  • Felicia Weyand, "Internet Monitoring of Children and Teens."
  • Christy Zeigler & Nick Torelli, "Effects of Autism on Early Development."

Oral Presentations

4:00-5:15 pm, Salem Campus Library

  • Roxanne Bowers, "Effects of Peppermint."
  • Kayann Camp, "Monte Carlo Design."
  • Mathew Duck, "The Effectiveness of Exercise and Cholesterol."
  • Brittany Jarrett, "Who Drinks More Wine?"
  • Kathlena Lattanzio, "Napping and Increases in Productivity and memory."
  • Elizabeth Miller, "Does the Freshman 15 turn into the Senior 30?"
  • Chelsea Minnich, Brianne Wagner, Lindsie Desatnik, Dannielle Hendershot, "Putting Safety First; The Importance of Intruder Safety in Schools."
  • Leia Peison, "Breast Feeding Awareness."
  • Kelly Waller, "Quantitative Analysis Final Project."
  • Lavonda Wheeler, "The Brighter the Colors, the Sassier the Woman."