Why send your child to college?

When you consider the benefits of a college education over the course of a lifetime in the form of reduced risk of unemployment and greater earnings, it’s clear that a college education is more important than ever.

Work Experience and Average Annual Earnings of Workers 25 to 64As a family member, you can be your child’s #1 coach and advocate on the road to college. Important steps you can take include asking teachers and counselors at school about how to help your child enroll in the classes he or she will need for college admission and looking at options for financial assistance early on. One advantage of the Rural Scholars Program is that in addition to offering academic support from seventh grade through college, the program offers a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to Kent State's Columbiana campuses to scholars to who successfully complete the program. This scholarship will only be available to Rural Scholars—a much smaller pool of applications than that of most grants and scholarships. If you would like your child to participate with the Rural Scholars Program, contact your school guidance counselor or contact us to find out more about the competitive admission process for rising seventh graders.

Whether you are the family member of a Rural Scholar or not, you can still do a lot to help your child get on track for college. To start, consider reading with them every day when they are younger, and keep them in the habit of reading as they get older. Encourage them to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, allowing them to be involved in their community. Talk to them about what they are interested in, and help them look into related careers. Check in on their academic progress using tools like ProgressBook. Push them to take challenging classes rather than seek easy A’s, and make sure they are meeting high school requirements for graduation and college readiness.  As they get older, accompany them on college visits and help them make the decision that is best for them! Check out BigFuture for more checklists and advice on what you can do to help keep your student headed in the right direction!