Giving Opportunities

Are you interested in donating to Kent State University's Columbiana County Campuses? Kent State University offers the opportunity to dream big and achieve the loftiest of educational ambitions.

"Nobody made a greater mistake
than he who did nothing
because he could only do a little."
                         ~ Edmund Burke

Philanthropic individuals like you, both alumni and lovers of education, sustain our educational growth. Your gifting efforts can support projects and initiatives that are important to Kent State University at East Liverpool, Kent State University at Salem, and to Kent State University as a whole. From student scholarships, building up and maintaining facilities, to creating imaginative opportunities for knowledge to blossom, philanthropy provides the financial means for educational opportunity and success.

Hillel the Elder recognized at the turn of the Age that each one of us bears a personal responsibility to advance causes we hold dear. If we hope to value and promote the growth of Kent State University East Liverpool and Salem, then we must say: “It is our responsibility and the time is now!”

David Dees, Ph.D
Dean, Columbiana County Campuses
Kent State University

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