Horticulture Students Add Design Elements to the Discovery Garden

Horticulture students in the landscape design classes are “studying” outdoors these days, as they design and build structural features for the Discovery Garden on the Salem campus.  

A focal point of their work is an attractive wooden entrance into the garden, and will also include a “living” barrier around the garden, signage and water lines.  

The students are from the landscape design I and II classes, taught by Stan Jones, and are enhancing their skills through hands-on work. “They are doing exactly what they will do when they are no longer students, but true professionals,” Jones noted. “They are doing a great job and this is going to be a beautiful space for our campus.” 

The Discovery Garden was kicked off this past spring and is producing a variety of vegetables and herbs that are being donated to a local food pantry. It, too, is an outdoor classroom of sorts – designed to teach gardening techniques to students of all ages. 

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