A Message from the Dean

Dear Kent State East Liverpool and Salem Students,

This week will begin a new chapter for all of us. However, what I know about all of you and the faculty and staff at our campuses, we will handle this, and we will all work to take care of each other through this difficult time. I wanted to let each of you know what we are doing and provide some guidance for you as we adapt to this situation.

First, the faculty and staff have been working hard the last several days to prepare for this week. It has involved learning new technologies, discovering different options, as well as creative thinking to get things in place. I am asking you as students to reach out to your professor, your advisor, or someone at the campus if something is not working or you are confused. We have people ready to help guide you through this process.

Second, be patient. This is new for all of us and we will, in some cases, be learning and adjusting with you. Again, communication with your professor and/or the campus will help all of us identify issues and work towards solutions. Remember, practicing social distance does not mean that we cannot connect in other ways.

Third, utilize some of the university resources we have prepared for you. There are some critical resources already in place. If you have questions about learning remotely, please refer to http://www.kent.edu/keeponlearning for helpful tools and resources. For updates on COVID-19, including the latest communications and general FAQ’s, visit: https://www.kent.edu/coronavirus. Also, keep up with your email and Flash ALERTS. Things are changing every hour so staying connected to this information will help you through this process.

Fourth, know that we will succeed. As President Diacon noted, we will succeed because our faculty and staff are committed to your learning. We will succeed because each of you are dedicated and passionate students that are here to create more opportunities for yourself and your families. We will succeed because “Flashes take care of Flashes”.

On a final note, when you get frustrated or anxious, remember why we are doing this. Practicing social distance is what will help to slow the spread of this virus. We are doing this to help our community. We are doing this to safeguard first responders and health care workers that are critical to all of us. We are doing this to protect those loved ones that have underlying conditions that put them at risk. We are doing this because as a nation, despite some of our differences, we truly care about each other.

Hang in there, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and most importantly, take care of yourselves.



David M. Dees, Ph.D.
Dean and Chief Administrative Officer

UPDATED: Friday, April 19, 2024 11:53 AM