Nicole Kolenich

Spotlight On Nursing's Nicole Kolenich

Nicole Kolenich is a first-year student in the Associate Degree in Nursing program at Kent State East Liverpool who is set to become what she said she was meant to be.

Focus on Nursing – October Student Spotlight: Nicole Kolenich“I had a feeling I wanted to be a nurse while growing up, knowing that it’s what my mom had loved doing. Her passion for caring and her drive to want to help people inspired me,” she related. “But, what really motivated me to become a nurse was working as a nursing assistant. I enjoyed the connection with residents and patients, as well as the feeling I got after providing care. I knew there was no other job that could fit my personality and motivation for a career any better than becoming a nurse.”

Nicole started working as an STNA after graduating from high school and started her pre-nursing classes at Youngstown State University. It was through her job as a nursing assistant, however, that she learned about the ADN program at Kent State and decided to change schools.

“KSU has always been highly spoken about and the majority of the best nurses I know are Kent State alumni,” she said. “Many of my co-workers that I became friends with on the job had graduated from Kent State or were furthering their nursing careers here. After so many recommendations for Kent State, I am finishing here, too.”

Nicole said she enjoys a fast-paced setting and would like to someday be a medical surgical nurse.