Progression Standards & Course Sequence

Kent State University at East Liverpool Occupational Therapy Assistant Program suggested sequence of courses by semester for completion of the program in a two-year period.

First Year Summer Semester

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
*BSCI 11010  Anatomy & Physiology I for Allied Health 3

= 3 Credit Hours

First Year Fall Semester

 AHS 12010  Professionalism in Healthcare 1
*BSCI 11001  Anatomy and Physiology II  3
*PSYC 11762  General Psychology 3
*US 10097  Destination Kent State: 1st Year Experience 1
*OCAT 10000  Foundations of Occupational Therapy 2
OCAT 10003  Occupational Therapy Practice Skills 1
* ENG 11011 or 11021  Kent Core Composition 3

= 14 Credit Hours

First Year Spring Semester

AHS  22002 Clinical Kinesiology  3
AHS  22003 Clinical Kinesiology Laboratory 1
*AHS  12005 OR NURS 20950 Concepts in Lifespan Development OR Human Growth and Development 3
*PSYC 21211 OR PSYC 40111  Psychology of Every Day Life OR Abnormal Psychology 3
OCAT 10001  Occupational Therapy Practice Skills II 3
OCAT 10002  Therapeutic Techniques I (Psychosocial) 4
OCAT 10092  Level I Fieldwork 1a (Psychosocial) 1

= 18 Credit Hours

Second Year Summer Semester

OCAT 20000  Therapeutic Techniques II (Physical Dysfunction) 4
OCAT 20092  Level I Fieldwork 1b (Physical Dysfunction) 1
OCAT 20003 Occupational Therapy Practice Skills III 3


= 8 Credit Hours

Second Year Fall Semester

* KENT CORE  Coose From Mathematics and Critical Reasoning 3
OCAT 20001 OT Management and Leadership Skills 2
OCAT 20004  Therapeutic Techniques III (Developmental Disabilities) 3
OCAT 20006  Therapeutic Techniques IV (Physical Dysfunction II) 3
* KENT CORE  Choose From Humanities OR Fine Arts 3

= 14 Credit Hours 

Second Year Spring Semester

OCAT 20192  Clinical Applications A 4
OCAT 20292  Clinical Applications B 4

= 8 Credit Hours




* Indicates the open enrollment courses. These courses can be taken prior to admission to the OCAT program. Completion of these courses does not guarantee admission into the OCAT program. However, completion and level of achievement in the courses are considered during the admission-selection process.

Students are responsible for knowing admission, progression and graduation requirements for the OCAT Program. The OCAT Program is designed as a sequential learning experience. Each new course builds on knowledge and skills acquired in the previous course; therefore, OCAT courses should be taken in their designated order.

In order to progress in the program, all prerequisites must be satisfactorily completed. Students must earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in all OCAT technical and non-technical courses. Any OCAT or related (above) course receiving a grade below a "C" must be repeated the next semester it its offered, provided space is available. A student may only repeat an OCAT course one time. The student who fails to receive a passing grade of "C" or better in the repeated course will be dismissed from the OCAT Program and will not be eligible for readmission into the OCAT Program. The student may not progress to additional OCAT courses and Level II fieldwork affiliations, until they receive a "C" (2.0) or better in the repeated course, and successfully complete Level I fieldwork assignment. Any student who fails to progress 2 times will be dismissed from the program. Any student earning a letter grade less than a "C" (2.0) in two OCAT courses in the same semester will be dismissed from the program and not eligible for readmission.

To remain in the program a minimal cumulative GPA of 2.0 must be maintained. Failure to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher will result in dismissal from the program.