Traditional Four Year BSN Program | Kent State University

Traditional Four Year BSN Program

Kent State University College of Nursing awarded its first Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees in 1971. The program continues to focus on excellence in teaching through class and clinical instruction with a goal of preparing graduates to meet the needs of a changing society and health care delivery system. Graduates of the program are prepared as professional nurses having a solid theoretical knowledge base, a strong foundation in clinical skills, and components of professional nursing. Graduates are prepared as contributing members of society and have the basis for graduate education. Each student's previous education and experience are evaluated for placement or for advanced placement.

The non-registered nurse student completes an established core of pre-nursing courses prior to formal admission to the nursing sequence. Individual advising and program planning by persons experienced in student services is a key component of the success of the student in the program.

The first year of the program provides a beginning understanding of the profession and a theoretical basis for the nursing courses that are taken in the subsequent years of the program. Experience is provided with individuals, families and groups in a variety of clinical settings including primary health care, acute care, and long term care. Research, professionalism, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills are key concepts in the program. The four year Baccalaureate nursing program is offered at Salem and all course work may be completed at this campus.

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