Kent State University Regional Campus tuition for undergraduate course work during the 2018-2019 year is currently $273.50 per credit hour or $3,282.00 for full-time study/semester for Ohio residents.  Northern West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania students pay $346.50 per credit hour or $4,158.00 for full-time study/semester.  Non-resident students pay $635.50 per credit hour or $7,626.00 full time study/semester. Tuition costs are subject to change.


OCAT students also incur the following costs and fees which are subject to change:

  • OTA books usually average $350.00 per semester
  • Lab fees approximately $25-75 per semester
  • Annual physical examination and current immunizations
  • CPR certification $35.00 for certification
  • Fieldwork experience expenses (travel, uniform [scrubs optional], name tag [$13.50] and meals)
  • Fingerprinting/Criminal Background check $70.00 per year
  • Clinical Health Clearances with Castle Branch $35.00


  • SOTA Club Activities - $5.00 dues, $20.00-30.00 other activities
  • Polo Shirts - $25.00-28.00 to be worn during fieldtrips and other program outings
  • *Washington, D.C. Hotel Room – Average $100.00 to include room, meals, gas. Fieldtrip in OCAT 20001 Professional Issues course. *Fees may be reduced with fundraising.
  • AOTA National Conference (Optional) - $300.00 plus meals.
  • Gas expenses for various field trips. Carpooling with other students is an option.


  • Immunizations - Varies
  • Physical - Varies


  • Cap & gown - $60.00
  • Application for certification exam - $555.00
  • Application for licensure - $100.00

Withdrawal schedule may be found at

Refund schedule may be found at One Stop.