Undergraduate Research Conference 2018 | Kent State Columbiana County Campuses | Kent State University

The 2018 Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) is an annual event held each fall at the Salem campus. It showcases the best of undergraduate research done by students and presented by students. Students from all campuses are welcome!

Call to Present

Kent State University students from all disciplines and programs are invited to participate in the 14th annual Undergraduate Research Conference to be held on Friday, December 7th, 2018 during the last week of classes. The conference will feature student presentations about research they completed during the 2018 calendar year or in collaboration with a Kent State University faculty member. Presentations may be in the form of oral presentations, panel discussions, poster presentations or creative performances. Reports of in-progress research will also be accepted.

How to Apply 

  1. Complete the online application by 11:59 pm on Friday, Nov 20th. See links below for registration forms.
  2. Presenters may be nominated by a faculty member or they may self-nominate.

Poster Registration   Oral Presentation Registration


Undergraduates at any level and in any discipline may report on research in for-credit Kent State University classes from any campus or in collaboration with a member of the university faculty during the 2018 calendar year are eligible to participate. Students in online classes are eligible if they travel to Salem to present at the conference. Research presented at previous Undergraduate Research Conferences is not eligible for presentation. Presentations may be projects completed by students during the semester. All presenters must have a KSU faculty sponsor.  


Participation offers students the opportunity to be recognized for their research, share what they have learned, and engage in discussion with the academic community. Students who present will be eligible to win one of the prizes established to encourage excellence in student research.

Oral Presentations
  • 1st prize $300.
  • 2nd prize $200.
  • 3rd prize $100.
Poster Presentations
  • 1st Prize: $300.
  • 2nd Prize: $200.
  • 3rd Prize: $100.

Special Instructional seminar for Posters

This year, we are highly encouraging poster presenters to print posters instead of using a tri-fold. Posters should be created in Microsoft Powerpoint.

The first 25 people to submit their finished poster to Maegan Richards (Salem Campus Librarian, mrichar4@kent.edu) will receive FREE printing. After that printing will be $15 a poster. Posters can be 3x3ft or 3x4ft. ALL posters should be submitted for printing by November 20th. Tri-folds will be accepted, but printed posters are preferred.

To apply for the poster session, you must submit the application by Nov 20.

Special Instructions seminar for Oral Presentations

Oral presentations should be approximately 10-15 minutes in length. Applications for oral presentations should be submitted by Friday, Nov 20.

Judging for oral presentations is optional. If you wish to be judged (i.e. to receive prize money), you must submit a paper version of your presentation by Friday, November 30th to Dr. Rachael Blasiman at rvolokho@kent.edu. There is no minimum page requirement for the paper.

The deadline for registration is Nov 20 by 11:59PM. Sign up by clicking the links below.


Register for Poster Presentation Now!   Register for Oral Presentation Now!