Wi-Fi on Campus | Kent State Columbiana County Campuses | Kent State University

This is how to get connected to the Campus Wi-Fi

1. Click on the wireless icon at the lower right. Select "FlashZone" and click "Connect".

wireless icon

2. After establishing connection, open your web browser. When the page loads, click "Download Windows Installer".

windows installer

3. When prompted, select "Save".

save prompt

4. Save the installer to your desktop. Make sure you selected "Desktop" on the left. Click "Save".

saving installer

5. After saving, navigate to your desktop and double click the "FlashZone WPA" setup utility.

flashzone wpa

6. When the utility loads, enter your FlashLine username and password. Click "continue."

flashline username and password
Note: You must change your FlashLine password from the default before proceeding if you haven't already done so.

7. Below is the screen you will see during the configuration process.

configuration process

8. After successful configuration, you will see your IP address.  Select "Done" to close the configuration utility. Your default web browser will also open to www.kent.edu , verifying connectivity.