Communication Career Spotlight

Aaron Hanlin

Graduation year(s):

2010, B.A., Communication Studies, Applied Communication Concentration

2012, M.Ed., Higher Education Administration & Student Personnel

Current job title: Director, Grindle Honors Institute

Current place of employment: Seminole State College of Florida

Positions held since graduation?

Academic Advisor II, Honors College, Kent State University, August 2011 - June 2013

Honors Coordinator I, Honors College, Kent State University, July 20l3 - December 2014

Honors Coordinator II, Honors College, Kent State University, January 2015 - Present

How did communication studies prepare you for your career?

My studies prepared me to have increased skills and awareness about communication. I interact with people both internally and externally every day, and my studies helped prepare me to effectively communicate with a diverse range of individuals.

What's an average day like at your job?

Every day is different. On most days, I spend time interacting with students and families or making presentations about the Honors College here at Kent State University. I’m always communicating though, whether it be verbal or written. Overall, it’s a great atmosphere to work on a college campus, and I get to do a variety of things in my position.

What's been your greatest accomplishment in your career?

This past year, I was tasked with launching a study abroad program for first-semester freshmen in collaboration with the Office of Global Education. I’m excited that this fall, we will be sending 16 Honors College freshmen to spend their first semester as Kent State students at the Kent State Florence Center.

What was your favorite communication studies class?

COMM 26000 Criticism of Public Discourse. I took this course as an honors course with Dr. David Trebing. I really enjoyed learning techniques to evaluate public messages, and he really challenged me in this class with the additional requirements to earn honors credit.

What advice would you give current or prospective communication studies students?

Get experience. Complete as many internships as you can and ask to volunteer your time. The more experience you have, the better chance you have of building your skills. Make sure to network, and leave a good impression on everyone one you meet. Always ask for more work at your internship. It will show your dedication toward learning and building your resume.