Global Communication Checklist

Foundational Requirements of the Program (9-12 credit hours)

COMM 65000 Foundations of Communication Inquiry

COMM 65652 Theories of Communication

COMM 65020 Quantitative Research Methods

COMM 65794 College of Teaching* only for graduate assistants

 Core Courses for the Concentration (9-12 credit hours)

COMM 65766 Communication in a Global Society

COMM 65683 Intergroup Communication

COMM 65661 Communication in an Information Society

COMM 65680 Intercultural/International Communication Any class that has a significant global dimension/component from Communication Studies or other units at Kent State University

Global Experience (2-3 credit hours) Study abroad (short course) offered at Kent State University Or COMM 65096 Individual Investigation – Internship in an agency or organization that has a global reach  This requirement is waived for veterans

Global Study Emphasis (6-9 credit hours) 

Students choose either one emphasis or combine two emphases 

Take a minimum of two courses for global study emphasis 

See the appendix for suggested courses for each emphasis.

Students can take the class not listed in the menu but it will need to be approved by the advisor Global Media and Communication Global Politics and Governmental Relationship Global Health, Risk, and Interaction Global Business and Inter-organizational Networks Global Civil Society, NGOs and Social Movements Please list course number and course title 

Appendix A Emphases of Global Study List of Suggested Courses Global Media and Communication

COMM 65662 Mass Media Effects

COMM 66509 Public Communication Campaigns

COMM Trend Detection Analysis VCD Visual Design Literacy (online)

VCD 50195 Introduction to Design Thinking (online) VCD Visual Communication in the Global Market Global Politics & Governmental Relationships

COMM 65660 Political Communication

POL 60501 Pre-seminar in Transnational and Comparative Politics and Policy

POL 60511 International Political Economy SOC 52558 Wealth, Poverty, and Power (online)

PHIL 51015 Philosophical Study of Religion Global Health, Risk and Interaction

COMM 66503 Health Communication and Media Effects

COMM 66508 Health Communication Literacy

SOC 52563 Sociology of Health and Health Care

EHS 52018 Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health

HPM 52015 Emerging Issues in Public Health Policy & Management

EPI 52017 Fundamentals of Public Health Epidemiology Global Business & Inter-Organizational Networks

COMM 65851 Organizational Communication

HM 63022 Current Issues in Hospitality & Tourism Management

HM 53025 Hospitality Marketing

BAD 65184 International Business (online)

MIS 64275 Strategic Global Management Global Civil Society, NGOs and Social Movements

COMM 55459 Communication and Conflict

POL 60507 Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation

SOC 52568 Race and Ethnic Studies

HIST 59295 Special Topics in Global History

ANTH 68230 Problems in Cultural Anthropology

POL 60907 Terrorism and Human Rights