Graduate Assistantships

The School of Communication Studies awards graduate assistantships every academic year to highly qualified graduate student applicants. Awards for students include a nine-month stipend (fall and spring semesters) and a waiver of resident and out-of-state tuition. Graduate assistants can enroll in a subsidized health insurance program through the university. Students with graduate assistantships are also eligible to teach during the summer sessions. These summer appointments provide free tuition for 4 credits of study in addition to a stipend.

Students wishing to be considered for a graduate assistantship for the fall semester enrollment must apply by January 15 and by November 15 for spring semester enrollment. The application for an assistantship should be included with your overall program application.

All graduate appointees must register for at least 8 credits (typically 3 courses) per semester. Assistantship appointments consist of a 20-hour weekly workload that may include teaching two 3-credit hour classes, or three sections of a lecture/lab class. Most assistants teach Introduction to Human Communication (COMM 15000), the basic communication course. Position assignments may also include assisting with research or a combination of other duties.

Assistantship decisions are competitive and based on admission qualifications. Award decisions are usually made as early as February and no later than April 1 for the Fall semester. Normally, students in good standing at the M.A. level are supported for 2 years. Assistantships will be reviewed and renewed annually. Assistantship positions become available for Spring semester on occasion. Students admitted administratively or conditionally cannot be considered for an assistantship.