Graduate Program

Welcome to the School of Communication Studies.

As your graduate coordinator and director, I am excited that you are considering pursuing a master’s degree in communication studies. Whether your background is in communication, journalism, psychology, sociology, public health, family studies or another social science, you will find a Master of Arts degree in communication studies adds to your forté and makes you more marketable.

Communication is essential to successful relationships as well as effective leadership and outcomes in your current career. Our lives shape - and are shaped - by the ways we communicate with others.

Our graduate program is designed to provide a theory-based foundation and help students seek application of their research and education in their chosen fields. All students in the program complete foundational coursework and a capstone experience – either a thesis, coursework-only, project or an internship – allowing you to customize the program to your needs and future plans. Additionally, the school offers a dual-degree program giving students an opportunity to earn both a Master of Arts in communication studies and a Master of Business Administration.

We have a long history of producing highly-trained communication scholars who go on to earn doctorate degrees at prestigious universities, remain active in academia or higher education and excel in their careers. Our alumni work in areas including marketing, public planning, fundraising, event planning, non-profit organizations, sales and campaign teams where research skills and communication knowledge are a plus. We are committed to investing in our students and helping them explore their intellectual interests.

I encourage you to continue browsing through our website for detailed curriculum descriptions, application requirements, assistantship and financial support opportunities and faculty profiles. If you need additional information, please review the resources available to graduate students or contact me.

Warmest regards,

Elizabeth Graham, Ph.D.
Director, School of Communication Studies
Domestic calls: 330-672-3087
International calls: 00 1-330-672-3087.