Graduate Program Areas of Emphasis

In the School of Communication Studies, graduate students can customize their degree program to meet their professional or academic goals. All students in the Master of Arts in Communication Studies program complete foundational coursework and a capstone experience. The school offers a social and behavioral science oriented M.A. program with the following areas of emphasis:




Students examine both traditional and new media systems and organizations, intercultural interactions and message and information flows across the world. 


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This emphasis addresses areas such as how media messages affect understanding of risk, health, illness and disease, how healthcare providers communicate with their patients and how to design effective messages to reduce risk, prevent disease and promote health.


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Within this emphasis, students study family and intergroup communication, communication and cognition, personal and mediated communication. Students assess verbal and nonverbal messages, interpret diverse meaning, produce culturally sensitive messages and evaluate intended and unintended effects of messages using new communication technologies.

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The study of mediated and mass communication examines a wide range of media uses and effects, including the use of media for mass, interpersonal, organizational and group communication. This emphasis addresses various communication tactics used by individuals, organizations and government to reach and influence the public.


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The School of Communication Studies and Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship also offer a dual-degree program providing students with an opportunity to obtain two degrees at once: a Master of Arts in communication studies (MA) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).


This unique program is particularly attractive for managers, professionals and Bachelor of Arts students looking to enhance their communication skills to influence business in emerging global markets, while also developing skills to augment their own professional careers.


Coursework includes communication theory and skills, media and information dissemination and processes, business fundamentals, entrepreneurial thinking and team-building skills. Additionally, students must fulfill a global experience requirement (a study abroad course or an internship with global reach).


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